Researcher (D&S)

Date:  16 Jul 2024

Chonburi, Sriracha (ชลบุรี), Thailand, 20230


·Design the experiments to develop novel surfactant formulations tailored for specific applications aligning with company strategic direction.
·Conduct the application research related to the product formulation of Disinfectant, Biocide, and/or Surfactant industries.
·Analyze experimental data, interpret results, and draw conclusions to guide further research and development efforts.
·Evaluate the performance and efficacy of surfactant-based disinfectants through laboratory testing and characterization techniques.
·Make Go-to-market plans for new products
·Capable in project management and good personality in working with Experts & Collaborators
·Preferable ability in conducting the preliminary market research to understand the product value chains and potential customers
·Effective communication skills, including the ability to present complex scientific concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.


·Preferable having experiences in Product Formulation of Disinfectant, Biocide, and/or Surfactant industries.
·Preferable having experiences about new product development with application and launch to market.


· Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, or related field with a focus on surfactant and disinfectant chemistry.


·Be Good to generate new ideas and innovate   
·Be Good people skill & Flexibilities
·Good command of spoken and written English