Corporate Insurance Management Team

Date:  4 Apr 2024

Chonburi, Sriracha (ชลบุรี), Thailand, 20230


  • Purchasing Insurance: This involves the acquisition of various insurance policies to cover different aspects of the company's operations including property risk insurance, marine transportation insurance, third-party liability insurance, construction insurance, and miscellaneous insurance as needed.
  • Coordination with others parties: Working with different departments or external agencies to gather necessary information required for insurance underwriting. This involves liaising with various stakeholders within the organization to ensure accurate and complete data is provided to insurance companies.
  • Engaging with Insurance Companies or Brokers: Interacting with insurance providers or brokerage firms to negotiate and finalize insurance contracts. This may also involve engaging in Risk Engineering Surveys to assess potential risks and determine appropriate coverage.
  • Handling Insurance Claims: Managing the process of filing and processing insurance claims when incidents occur that are covered by the company's insurance policies. This includes documenting the incident, communicating with the insurance company, and facilitating the resolution of claims in a timely manner.
  • Administering Insurance Arrangements: Overseeing the administrative tasks associated with insurance arrangements, such as ensuring timely payment of insurance premiums, maintaining records of insurance policies, and seeking opportunities to optimize insurance coverage and costs.


Bachelor's or Master’s degree in various fields such as insurance, statistics, economics, engineering, science, risk management, safety, Finance, MBA or related field


Requiring a TOEIC score above 800 demonstrates a high level of English proficiency.



  • 5-10 years’ experience in insurance management, risk assessment, and corporate insurance is appropriate for a managerial role in this field.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of insurance products, including property insurance, liability insurance, business interruption insurance etc.

  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills