Date:  17 May 2023

Chonburi, Sriracha (ชลบุรี), Thailand, 20230


To perform purchasing activities for the materials required for project construction, maintenance and operations.

1. To develop and implement strategic procurement planning and sourcing in order to maximize current and future sourcing opportunities in a competitive market.
2. To measure and manage supplier performance, and improve supplier performance plans. To evaluate the changing risk profile of suppliers and markets.
3. To provide procurement service to the affiliated companies in order to reduce procurement service cost, increase quality and timeliness of service, improve contractual relationship with suppliers and increase procurement leverage.
4. To locate source of supply, identify potential suppliers, and evaluate them for eventual selection and/or developing approved supplier lists.
5. To review product specifications, performance terms, and/or acceptance criteria and to ensure they have been appropriately developed in conjunction with other internal departments prior to soliciting proposals from suppliers.
6. To analyze company’s material requirement plans and stock items and plan for further procurementใTo issue requests for bids/quotations to suppliers and to ensure appropriate terms and conditions of solicitation and that competitive bidding is handled effectively and fairly.
7. To evaluate supplier quotations/proposals to determine the best overall competitive offering for the goods and service.
8. To conduct negotiations with potential suppliers to obtain an agreement about specifications, price, delivery time and other terms essential to conducting business in a profitable manner.
9. To prepare and issue purchase orders/contracts and to ensure that they include all necessary terms and conditions and are legally reviewed (as and when required) and properly authorized. 
10. To administer and follow-up purchase orders or expedite deliveries as necessary to assure the supplier will be able to  meet promised date of delivery or deliver the goods ahead of schedule


Bachelor in any fields


At least 1-2 years experience in buyer, procurement, logistics management.