Trader Olefins

Date:  19 May 2023

Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร), Thailand, 10900


1. To analyze, monitor market movements with various type of Olefins products , and new development particularly among transportation methods 
2. To increase sales volume of domestic/international Olefins product to ensure company's profitability.
3. To plan, manage, and execute all contracts related to Olefins product sales 
4. To explore new market, customer, and suppliers for Olefins trading for expanding product portfolio as company new business
5. To manage and ensure that products arrive to customers on times with satisfaction
6. Seek for new commercial opportunities to expand company’s product, market & customer portfolio
7. To ensure that sale transactions are complete in appropriate manners.
8. To maintain good relationship with all stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction
9. To be fully aware of changes in the government's rules and regulations which may directly or indirectly impact the company and key stakeholders.


Bachelor’s degree in petroleum or chemical engineering, or both scientific and technical fields, economic, marketing, or related field and experience in marketing with strongly understanding of management is preferable.


- Solid understanding of Solvent business or Chemical business.
- Strong analytical skill for market information as well as initiate new/better approaches to ensure that the right making decision take place.
- Strong problem solving, decision making and logical thinking
- Interpersonal skill and easy going
- Strong negotiation skill
- Excellent written and verbal communication
- Strong command in English language
- Effective presentation skills