Procurement & Trading

Date:  22 Apr 2024

Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร), Thailand, 10900


•  Minimum 5 years  with commercial or marketing experience in petroleum or petrochemical business 
• Strong analytical and negotiating skills
• Excellent decision making ability and problem solving skills


Bachelor in engineering, economic, marketing and related field.



1.Identify marketing opportunities for crude/feedstock procurement strategy through market information analysis. 
2.Corporate with parties concerned to implement appropriate crude/feedstock supply sources on a short and long term basis for processing in the refinery with price, quantity and quality that shall optimize the company plan.
3.Procure the crude/feedstick (both Thaioil and TLB) as per LP and agreed upon parties concerned in order to optimize plant profitability and smoothening plant operation both quality and quantity. Such procurement should be done at reasonably market level.
4.Act and perform business activity professionally to ensure a good reputation of company in the market. In addition, maintain and build a good relationship with counterparty in the market.
5.Coordinate with other refineries to develp cooperation in crude procurement to provide improvement of company profitability.
6.Develop crude procurment methodology/innovation with other crude supply traders in order to optimize company profitability.
7.Provide regularly imported crude information to government official and maintain crude stock level complying with the legal.
8.Create and maintain a good relationship with various suppliers, traders, and refiners to know market information and ensure a smooth operation for trading with high quality of services.
9.Understand and observe ISO procedure obligation e.g. crude procurement procedure.
10.Fully conversant with change in the government's rules and regulations which may be directly or indirectly impact on customers and company.