Crude Chartering and Commercial Operations

Date:  7 May 2024

Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร), Thailand, 10900


•  Minimum 5 years experience in transport/logistics, terminal, accouting or related field
• Strong negotiation and organization skills
• Excellent decision making ability and problem solving skills
• Excellent communication and customer service skills
Good in matheamatics and calculation


Bachelor in engineering, economic, marketting, logistic and related field .


1.    Seek for opportunities related to logistic activities in order to achieve company maximum profit and mitigate risk from market volatility.
2.    Assess, analyze and identify appropriate transportation of crude/feedstock on a short and long-term basis for processing in the refinery in accordance with the company plan.
3.    Negotiate for economical freight rate of spot vessels.
4.    Develop the chartering strategy in order to maximize company profit.
5.    Manage time charter vessels to optimize company profit.
6.    Perform the appropriate action in any emergency or unexpected events as a frontline that may occur during the delivery/loading period e.g. cargo losses/ demurrage and negotiation with relevant parties in order to minimize the loss and damage.
7.    Ensure all charter contracts are coorect to maximize company's profit.
8. Seeking market opportunity and counterparties to co-freight or chaterout vessel space for freight saving
9. Serching market infoamation to foresee freight market outlook and develop proper strategy
1.    Plan and execute all crude/feedstock purchasing and chartering contracts for both domestic and international 
2.    Program, allocate, manage, and ensure that the crude/feedstock for the refinery arrives in the desired quantity, quality and time frame in accordance with all contractual commitment and in order that the companies' business is smoothly carried out the aim of optimizing both profitability and product supply commitment.
3.    Monitor and develop any synergy activities with local and regional refinery in order to optimize delivery cost and/or generate benefits to company such as co-loading, crude stock sharing, SBM utilization.
4.    Cooperate with all concerned sectors to ensure that the crude and feedstock delivery is processed in accordance with plan and contractual commitment.
5.     Analyze and Identify shortage/surplus and their underlying cause and take appropriated action for claiming to minimize the impact to the company and protect the company interest from other’s claims.
6.    Coordinate with parties concerned for issuing the official procurement documents and understand the terms and clauses under the financial letter i.e. Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee.
7.    Coordinate and maintain relationship with the operators of counterparty for smooth crude/feedstock delivering operation.
8.    Ensure operation issues to be compliance with the government regulation involved.
9.    Ensure the payment transactions are completed  smoothly within due date.
10. Manage logistic plan to meet refinery requirement by minimize additional cost occured.
11. Examine and understand the measurement the ocean loss cargo and minimie such losses.